Thursday, November 09, 2017

Miami, Las Vegas & Holland....cause I don't travel enough...

Alright, alright. So this post is going back to June and July of this year but better late then never!

So all this travel took place on my so called vacation. I say so called cause I went cruising with my boo on one of our ships, I went to a work conference in Miami and then I got sent to Amsterdam for training.  Now Vegas was for my bestie's bachelorette so no work  was done there.  BUT the good thing about being Miss International is that I get to see friends in all of these places. Some of them are passing through just like me and some of them live in these destinations.

The first destination was Miami.  I ran into several good friends while I was there and I stayed for a few days longer and invited another friend to hang out at the beach for the weekend.  Caught up with another ship bestie in the Cuban neighbourhood of Calle Ocho. We attempted to go salsa dancing but turns out we ate too much Cuban food BUT we did get to see Ronaldinho at the club jamming on stage with a live salsa band.

Donna and I enjoying cocktails in South Beach

Weekend in SoBe

Aperol Spritz

Dinner in Calle Ocho
Calle Ocho

Pool day at a friend's apartment....overlooking the Miami port

Las Vegas....well what can I say about LV.  It was hot, messy and crazy with the Polish wolfpack. And cause I apparently know people everywhere, I ran into one of my finance friends from the ship while strolling through Old Vegas! Got to see Tiesto live (bucket list - check!) and partied like a rockstar.

Our hotel: The Bellagio 

Polish wolf pack

Back in Amsterdam! Well a suburb of it anyways. We have a training facility there where all the Officers get sent for courses. As per usual, I did my work duty and extended my stay to enjoy the surroundings.  My friend was also starting work as an instructor there so I got to enjoy the city a bit with him.  Also managed to hang out with some other ship friends; One Dutch, one Irish and one Ukrainian.  My last couple of days I spent in Katwijk with a friend who I haven't see in 10 years, what a lovely place!

View from my room

Reunion time

Random concert in our backyard

Gorgeous Katwijk

Drinks by the sea